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-- Introduction --

A small gang of us fans started this group to provide a single gathering point for images about comicbook transformation. There's already a multitude of groups for shewolves metamorphosing, amazon women growing, people switching gender ... and so on. We figured there should be a place to celebrate the good ol' fashioned superheroine transformations in comicbooks, anime, film and television. And so here it is.

We're just getting started at the moment; the paint has hardly had time to dry and some of the galleries are looking a little sparse -- but with your help we can hopefully make this a fun place to visit.

-- Rules --

We like to keep things simple, so we don't like too many rules. But here they are; please stick to them:

(1) Want to submit work? Visit the [About Us] tab for the guidelines of what we accept (we're pretty flexible) and where to put it.

(2) Be nice to each other! If you're going to post an image from the CBS Supergirl show, don't include plot spoilers in it -- y'know, that type of stuff. Always help elderly ladies across the road, and be kind to small animals, etc, etc. Y'get the idea.

(3) Admin's decisions are final. It's a thankless task managing a group, and we don't have to offer rational explanations for any of our decisions (because that assumes we have rational explanations..!)

(4) There is no fourth rule. (This rule is subject to change in future.)
Time for another artist focus. Here's a popular artist on DA whose skills with a digital paintbrush have wowed many a superheroine fan, including myself.

Take a bow, Johnny Haradrim ...


Johnny specialises in full body disguises -- not just street clothes over the super costume, but a face mask too to hide the heroine's true identity.  His work largely deals with his canon of original characters, such as American Mom, but if you scan through his extensive gallery on DA, you'll also find the odd DC and Marvel heroines in there too.  :)


Say Hello to American Mom! by johnnyharadrim The Chang Enigma by frokamen American Mom by Jebriodo! by johnnyharadrim Freedom on the Atlantic Wall by johnnyharadrim American Mom Carol Marshall Three Step Reveal by johnnyharadrim Forwarding for the win by frokamen AM Carol Getting Ready by johnnyharadrim Paris by johnnyharadrim AM Freedom War Bond Variety Show Comedy Routine by johnnyharadrim AM Freedom  War Bonds Variety Show costume change by johnnyharadrim Size Chart for AM and Carol dimensions by johnnyharadrim AM Carol Laundry Day by johnnyharadrim
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Miss Danvers by Imajinn-Design
Time to go save somebody by bureiku
Anna Atom Transformation by TheCosmicBeholder
This is a job for ...
Kara Danvers olivia holt by CheshireFilmReveiwer
Time To Change by LordSnot
Wrong Time To Change by LordSnot
I have the power

Mature Content

Peace Through Strength by brad328
Time to transform! :D by WaterbenderGirl96
Wonder Woman by Saeros89

Mature Content

Commission - Dial H for Hero by njae2
Don't make me angry

Mature Content

Betty Ross transformation to RED SHEHULK (2 of 3) by jackcrowder
Betty Ross transformation to RED SHEHULK (1 of 3) by jackcrowder
SheHulk: 2099 pg.2 by SHFan
Magical Hulk-Out! by dsoloud
Who was that masked woman?
Animation Commission- American Mom is ... by johnnyharadrim
AM Carol Getting Ready by johnnyharadrim
Amazon Tales 05 - The Experiment - page 4 by gzipp





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Heroineburgh Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hello...I posted three original photos from my live-action superheroine video series, Heroineburgh, in this group. One was posted in the "I have the power" folder (showing Hellfyra, who had just undergone a transformation..see photo to the left) and another two were posted in the "This is a job for" folder (showing Gardenia before and after her transformation).

All of my videos involve transformations, from secret identity to fully costumed superheroine. So they are extremely relevant to this group. But after successfully being posted, my photos were removed. I assume this was done by a moderator. Can someone tell me why this happened? I see in the "Welcome" notes that the admin does not have to offer any rational explanations, but that doesn't quite seem fair, as my submissions were definitely within the parameters of the group's topic.
5red Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

As the group description explains, and a quick perusal of the gallery contents would show, the group focuses on images of superheroine identity transformation; that is, images that actually show transformations from a regular person to a superheroine. Occasionally we get people who submit generic pictures of superheroines who just happen to have dual identities (like She-Hulk or Supergirl), or images just before or just after the transformation, but unless the image clearly shows the heroine mid-transformation then we tend to just quietly remove them to minimise the chances that potential contributors will mistaken think we accept generic superheroine content.

In short: if we weren't strict about what constitutes a transformation image then we'd probably end up getting all kinds of superheroine submissions that we'd need to moderate.

If you have any suitable pictures then we'd love to have them. Good luck with your videos.  ;)

Albais Featured By Owner Edited May 6, 2017
Heya here...

Well about your question i'm goin to clear as can be so u can get reason why.

As u noticed post (pour example Gardenia) has a before and after transformation. But here what we show is not that part, is what happens between both AKA "The Transformation".

Here can't see pics of Linda Danvers or Supergirl, can see first one doing the usual shirt-ripping or putting civies away or neither Diana Prince and WW but instead the usual twirl for go from one to another just to name a pair.

So sure any post is welcome but what we want is the TF itself, just look at the galleries and will clearly notice. On your page say goin to have Poderosa on chapter 8 so if there's a the iconic moment when she opens her blouse showing uniform underwear then is relevant, if is only what u have posted is girl in both of identities so not's goin on with that place.

Hoping things gone clear have a great ress of weekend and goodbye.
Heroineburgh Featured By Owner Edited May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
I have to say that's a real shame because this group is one thing (among many) that inspired me to make these videos in the first place. But my transformations are motion-based (i.e. on video), not static. I can't pull out screen shots from the videos using my own computer. All I have are stills that were taken in the midst of shooting each episode. And so I don't have any stills of heroines in mid-transformation. I'll just have to remember to take some mid-TF stills in some future episode shoots (like you said, Poderosa ripping open her blouse, etc), and until then, I can't post here. Ah well. Unless maybe I could embed the trailer? It does show both Hellfyra and Red Gina in mid-transformations...
Albais Featured By Owner May 10, 2017
First of all glad to see we're in part a reason for u to made this stuff and now can get a idea of what have to do before post it here. And yes can try with trailer if contains just what we need to show it...
McGheeny Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017
Thank you for making me a member of the group!
vadimfv Featured By Owner Edited Oct 23, 2016
Hi folks. Very excited about a superheroine tf group. I'm not an artist but I love to write. So I have a page on DA with stories about the Slavic superheroine Devana and her friends, all of which involve transformations. Check them out if you like, and don't hesitate to comment !
Also, I'm in the process of filming a live superheroine action video series. All of the episodes involve transformations as well. I'll post again when the first round of episodes are released. Until then, enjoy the stories, and I will enjoy seeing new tf art posted in this group. 
BCElLoco4884 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for adding my drawing to your gallery.  I myself didn't think it looked all that great, but I am happy and honored that someone enjoyed it enough to add to their gallery.  Again, thank you very  much!
JPNova Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
well, still not sure if I'm doing this right, but I see you got some stuff..thanks again for the interestf
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